Organizing Committees

The 73rd EAAP annual meeting is organized by the Portuguese Association of Animal Science (APEZ) under the patronage of the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Fisheries of Portugal. The organization of this event is also in close collaboration with other Portuguese institutions, including National Institute of Agrarian and Veterinarian Research (INIAV), FeedInov CoLab, University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro (UTAD), University of Lisbon (ISA and FMV), University of Évora (UE), University of Porto (UP-ICBAS), University of Minho (UM), and Politechnic Institutes of Bragança, Viseu, Viana do Castelo, Coimbra, Santarém, Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering, Technology and Science (INESC TEC), and also with the collaboration of several competence centers and research institutes that work in the area.

Portuguese Steering Committee

  • Presidents:
  • Ana Sofia Santos (APEZ-FeedInov CoLab)
  • Olga Moreira (INIAV)
  • Executive Secretaries
  • Elisabete Mena (APEZ-UTAD)
  • Mariana Almeida (APEZ-UTAD)
  • Pedro Santos Vaz (APEZ)
  • Telma G. Pinto (APEZ)
  • Members
  • Amélia Ramos (APEZ-ESAC)
  • Ana Geraldo (APEZ)
  • André Almeida (APEZ-ISA-ULisboa)
  • Ângela Martins (APEZ-UTAD)
  • Divanildo Monteiro (APEZ-UTAD)
  • Jorge Oliveira (APEZ-ESA-IPV)
  • Rui Charneca (APEZ-UÉvora)
  • Vasco Cadavez (IPB)

Portuguese Scientific Committee

  • Presidents:
  • Ana Sofia Santos (FeedInov CoLab)
  • Olga Moreira (INIAV)
  • Executive members
  • José Pedro Araújo (ESA-IPVC)
  • Divanildo Monteiro (UTAD-APEZ)
  • Jorge Oliveira (ESA-IPV-APEZ)
  • Luis Ferreira (UTAD-APEZ)
  • Animal Genetics
  • Jorge Oliveira (ESA–IPV)
  • Júlio Carvalheira (CIBIO-UPorto)
  • Luís Telo da Gama (FMV-ULisboa)
  • Nuno Carolino (INIAV)
  • Animal Health and Welfare
  • Joaquim Cerqueira (ESA-IPVC)
  • Maria Antónia Conceição (ESA-IPC)
  • Animal Nutrition
  • André Almeida (ISA-ULisboa)
  • Olga Moreira (INIAV)
  • Rui Bessa (FMV-ULisboa)
  • Animal Physiology
  • Graça Ferreira Dias (FMV-ULisboa)
  • Rita Payan (UÉvora)
  • Rosa Lino Neto (INIAV)
  • Livestock Farming Systems
  • Alfredo Teixeira (ESA-IPB)
  • Luís Ferreira (UTAD)
  • Rui Caldeira (FMV-ULisboa)
  • Cattle Production
  • Alfredo Borba (UAçores)
  • Ana Geraldo (UÉvora)
  • António Moitinho Rogrigues (ESA-IPCB)
  • Horse Production
  • António Rocha (ICBAS-UP)
  • António Vicente (ESA-IPS)
  • Maria Fradinho (FMV-ULisboa)
  • Pig Production
  • João Bengala-Freira (ISA-ULisboa)
  • Divanildo Monteiro (UTAD)
  • Rui Charneca (UÉvora)
  • Sheep and Goat Production
  • Ana Teresa Belo (INIAV)
  • Jorge Azevedo (UTAD)
  • Rosário Marques (INIAV)
  • Vasco Cadavez (IPB)
  • Insect Production
  • Daniel Murta (Ingredient Odyssey)
  • Miguel Rodrigues (UTAD)
  • Precision Livestock Farming
  • Luís Alcino (ESAE-IPP)
  • Pedro Carvalho (INESC TEC)
  • Severiano Silva (UTAD)
  • Mediterranean Working Group
  • José Santos Silva (INIAV)
  • Nuno Brito (ESA – IPVC)
  • Aquaculture Working Group
  • Luisa Valente (ICBAS-UP)
  • Paulo Rema (UTAD)

The EAAP Congress Organization

Represents the interests of all Animal Production technicians that develop their professional activity in animal production and animal science.

The Portuguese Association of Animal Science APEZ is a national technical, scientific and professional organization that represents the interests and needs of the animal science practitioners in Portugal and provides knowledge transfer activities in the animal science area.

APEZ was created in 1996 by a group of Zootechnical Engineers who wanted to affirm the profession of Zootechnical Engineer, namely through technical-scientific achievements. Since then, APEZ has developed a very active action plan to promote and defend Animal science, animal production and farming and the professional activity of zootechnic engineers.

APEZ promotes regular technical and scientific meetings in very broad aspects of animal production, providing continuous updated knowledge transfer activities, as well as continuous education and updates in the safeguard of animal science and animal production.

The National Institute for Agrarian and Veterinarian Research I. P. (INIAV) is the State Laboratory of the Ministry of Agriculture that develops research activities in the agricultural and veterinary fields and provides official services to farmers and industry, public and private entities.

INIAV promotes research, experimentation and demonstration, according to the public policies, in order to ensure the technical and scientific support needed for the development, innovation and competitiveness in the areas of forestry, crop's protection, food technology, food safety and animal health and production.

The preservation and management of the plant and animal germplasm's databases are also INIAV's responsibilities. INIAV has a network of 15 centers located throughout Portugal, in close proximity to the various sectors of animal and agriculture production.

Registration Desk

  • You can register on Sunday, September 4th. Registration desk will open at 14h30