Technical Tours

(until June 1st)
(Until July 1st)
(Until August 16th)
Tour 1 - HorseFriday, September 9th 40 € 50 € 60 €
Tour 2 - DairyFriday, September 9th 40 € 50 € 60 €
Tour 3 - Agriculture Heritage,
Mountain Farming SystemFriday, September 9th
40 € 50 € 60 €
Tour 4 - Insect and Southern Extensive Cattle System Friday, September 9th 40 € 50 € 60 €

Tour 1: Horse

Friday, September 9th


  1. Centro Clínico de Equinos do Vairão (Vairão – Vila do Conde)
  2. Coudelaria Maia Correia (Quinta das Arcas – S. João do Coronado)
  3. Expolima (Ponte de Lima)

Distance: 228 km

Departure from Conference Center - drive to Maia Correia Stud at Quinta das Arcas (32 km), where we will visit a traditional Lusitano stud farm.

Before lunch we will visit the Equine Clinical Center of Vairão (36 km), which is a research center of the University of Porto. After that we will travel to Ponte de Lima (80 km), where we will have lunch and watch a demonstration of some Portuguese native breeds, main uses and traditional activities. Then we return to Porto (passing through the airport) (80 km).

Tour 2: Dairy Systems

Friday, September 9th

Destinations: Visit to the Portuguese dairy basin in Vila do Conde

Distance: 50 km

Visits Lactogal and Agros, one of the biggest dairy cooperatives, and visits to dairy farmers in the Vila do Conde and Vairão área, the main dairy area in Portugal

Tour 3: Mountain Farming Systems

Friday, September 9th

Destinations: Alvão Natural Park

Distance: 150 km

Visits to Maronesa cattle breed and Bravia Goat breed both local breeds breed in extensive mountain farming systems.

Visit organized with the aid and participation of Terra Maronesa Cultural association.

Tour 4: Insects and Extensive Cattle Systems

Friday, September 9th

Destinations: Entogreen and Mouchão Esfola Vacas – Santarém

Distance: 300 km

Visits to Entogreen, an insect production industry (Black Soldier Fly) and to Mouchão do Esfola Vacas, an experimental farm of INIAV, with integrated production of maize and extensive cattle system (Alentejana Breed, one of the autochthonous breeds of Southern Portugal).

A cultural tour in Santarém, the Portuguese Capital of the Gothic, is also programmed.